Me-Made-May 2022 Wrapup

Me-Made-May is over for another year and I think this was the best one yet! In part, this was because the challenge had a bit of a makeover and clarification.

This year, for something different and challenging, I pledged to wear zero waste clothes.

Here are the 48 zero waste items I rounded up:

Me Made May 2022.  48 items of zero waste clothes to choose from.

Some are from the Zero Waste Sewing book, a few are “maybe one day” patterns that didn’t make it into the book, most are PDF patterns and some are made from other people’s zw patterns. Some items have worked their way into my wardrobe but others live in the sample box.

The big challenge was that they were never sewn as part of a cohesive wardrobe – they were all sewn as fit or photography samples.

I discovered early on, like Day 1, that there was a deficit of tops to go with bottoms. Those I had weren’t really warm enough for most days. Luckily, I have some me-knitted jumpers (= inherently zero waste) so I wore those.

Some things didn’t get worn at all – either the weather wasn’t right or I just didn’t manage it.

Some of the takeaways

Me Made May 2022 Day 17 Floral wraparound trousers and pink cardigan
These floral wraparound trousers, which were a test-fitting garment for the ones in the Zero Waste Sewing book, are going to be converted into elastic waisted pajama pants. I tried wearing them, but….y’know….just couldn’t work them into my wardrobe. I think it’s better this way.
Me Made May 2022 Day 25 Red Simone overalls with me-knitted cardi and hat.
I discovered the red Simone overalls from Goldfinch Textile Studio’s pattern look great worn with a jumper over the top, so they look like trousers. My overall straps have giant press studs on them, so visiting the smallest room in the house is no hassle. I haven’t had red trousers in my wardrobe for a few years, but I recall they were surprisingly versatile.
Clair skirt in red tartan worn with black geometric top from the Zero Waste Sewing book
The red tartan Clair skirt is something I’ve only ever worn with black tops, but Instagram friends have suggested other colour options which will make me wear it more often. It’s made me think more about adventurous colour combos for the tartan zw culottes too.

Here’s a gallery of the month.

I think I missed taking a piccy only on two days.

Thank you Zoe Edwards for hosting this fabulous annual challenge!


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