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Zero Waste Sewing front cover

Zero Waste Sewing is honoured to be a recipient of a 2020 NYC Big Book Award (craft/hobby category).

NYC Big Book Award

Are you looking for a new sewing adventure?

Patternmaker and sewing teacher Elizabeth Haywood offers 16 wearable projects, cleverly designed to use 100% of the fabric, with no scraps or waste.

Zero waste patternmaking is one strategy for making fashion more sustainable and can also result in innovative garment shapes.

This book presents a variety of zero waste cutting themes, some new, some historical, but all influenced by the cloth itself.

Follow the clear step-by-step instructions to maximise your fabric usage, grow in confidence  and create versatile garments you’ll enjoy wearing.

ISBN-13: 978-0-646-80802-4

Dimensions: 20.3cm x 25.4cm (8″ x 10″)

144 pages

Spine width 10mm

RRP: $AU54.99, $US35.99, £27.99, €32.99

If you’re looking for a new sewing adventure, creating a slow wardrobe for yourself or want to try a zero waste pattern, then this book is for you.

This is a size inclusive book; the majority of projects can be made to fit any size, and the rest will fit most people.

Zero Waste Sewing book September 20 All projects at a glance
Zero Waste Sewing book September 20 All projects at a glance
For projects that state specific sizes, here’s the size chart from the book.
Projects that are “Any size” can be made any size, not limited to this size chart.

Where to buy: Australian residents can order (signed) copies direct from me ($AU54.99 + $10.50 post). US residents can order from (affiliate link + supporting independent bookshops) or your local bookshop. Non-Aussie and non-US residents can order via Amazon or your local bookshop.

Coucou in Belgium is a stockist.

UK online shop Fleur et Ours sells it.

You can also look through a copy and buy from Clare Fashion and Fabrics in Clare, House of Cloth in Bendigo, All Make Sewing Centre in Adelaide. Online fabric shop Paper Scissors Frock in Victoria also stocks copies.

Read more in this blog post.

View an exhibition of the clothes this book. There’s a slide show of each and a walk-around video.

Are you a fabric store owner, book shop owner or sewing teacher and would like to stock this book? For wholesale enquiries please send a no-obligation email to liz@lizhaywood (dot) com (dot) au.

Here’s a gallery of every project in the book:

tie front top
Tie front top
See a floral version I made for myself here.
@salonmishawn made a fabulous one in a stiff cotton fabric and wrote a pattern review.
@threadbare_possum made one in a soft embroidered fabric. @thesewingdolan made one using pieced fabrics to make a diagonal design.
Hooded blouson from Zero Waste Sewing
Hooded blouson
Take a look at a version in yellow nylon and see how to convert the pattern to a cape.
Jane from The Drapery also made a cape in pink corduroy.
Yoyo top
Yo-yo top
Here’s a sophisticated version in satin.
Side drape top
@whendy7 has made one in marle grey.
Geometric top
Here‘s one in black with shorter sleeves.
@whendy7 successfully made one in ponte. @finaasjaapaa has made two, here and here. @anakiequilter made one in double gauze.
Simple one-seam dress
Jane Milburn took the concept and freestyled two dresses.
@botterman_empire made a smart navy blue one.
A variation of the simple one-seam dress
Tracy Henwood took the concept and made a bolero jacket from handwoven fabric.
Coat dress
Coat dress
@thesewingdolan made a flowing duster coat with this pattern – it looks totally different.
Cardigan jacket
Cardigan jacket
I wore this for Me Made May here and here.
Hooded robe
Sue Stoney whipped up several of these here.
Hooded robe made from a blanket
Sue Stoney recycled vintage blankets to make some dressing gowns.
Boho dress
@karynsews made this with a few changes to make a caftan-style dress.
Here’s the original prototype for the dress.
Caftan version of the Boho dress
Wrap skirt
An earlier version of this exists as a free pattern on this website: the original non-zero waste skirt is here, the zero waste layout is here, and a 3-gore version is here.
Wrap trousers
The original prototype is here.
Dress + coat
I’ve since converted this into a coat here and then here.

Some images of the book’s interior:

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