Zero Waste wrap skirt

Zero Waste wrap skirt front view

The 6-gore wrap skirt is my most popular post.  I wear the original blue peanut print wrap skirt regularly in summer and always get a comment.

This week I revisited the the draft and made myself a new one.  It’s about 10cm longer, and 7 gore instead of 6.  With an odd number of gores, the skirt can be cut as a zero waste style.


Zero Waste wrap skirt

Zero Waste wrap skirt full length


Zero Waste wrap skirt back view


This skirt is a little fuller than the original, since there’s an extra gore’s worth of flare in the hemline (about 25cm or 10″), and of course extending the length makes the hemline bigger too.

I used two lengths of 150 wide stretch woven for mine.  I didn’t use the zero waste layout because the stretch direction would be wrong, however, the pieces exactly fitted across (using the selvedges too) so I had very little waste and I was pretty happy.

Enjoy the Zero Waste wrap skirt.



  1. Kate Van Dyke on March 1, 2020 at 2:08 pm

    This morning my daughter remembered that she would be attending a tennis themed party tonight and she had no white skirt. I might have thought, “too bad for you”, but she has an injury which means she will never play again, so I wanted to help. We looked on-line at what was available. Good grief! So much money for not much quality!
    Then I found your wrap around skirt pattern. I had enough left-over white sheet fabric from a comforter I made earlier. Result: a well-fitting tennis skirt finished on time for the party. Very good. Thank you!

    • lizhaywood on March 1, 2020 at 9:41 pm

      Hi Kate, thanks for making my day sharing your story!

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