Celebrating 21 years

Wedding dress 3

It’s our wedding anniversary, and I thought I’d give the dress an airing. Trying on this dress feels like the glamorous antithesis to the hospital scrub sewing which has gripped our household for the past couple of weeks. To be honest, I was apprehensive about trying it on, in case I got stuck like last…

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Making Danielle Elsener’s zero waste scrub top

Making Danielle Elsener's zero waste scrub top

The free scrub pattern I did last week led me to Danielle Elsener of DECODECODECODE’s zero waste scrubs, and I thought I’d give them a go. I’m fascinated that two patternmakers living on opposite sides of the Earth both endeavoured to make zero waste scrubs, took very different approaches, and produced such different-looking patterns which…

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Free pattern: scrubs

Free pattern scrubs for men and women

Folks, there’s a shortage of hospital scrubs in the world. There’s a shortage in Australia, in the UK, and no doubt in other countries too. This week I attempted to make a zero waste scrubs pattern. (The full pattern is at the end of this post – beset by technical difficulties, the only way I…

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A bloody good idea: zero waste cloth pads

zero waste cloth menstrual pads

If your supermarket is like ours, the shelves of feminine hygiene products are as bare as the toilet paper aisle (and the cleaning supplies, soap, meat, flour, tinned food, pasta…), with unknown date of re-supply. Lady readers, if you’re now at home all day, with possibly limited sanitary supplies, here’s an opportunity to give cloth…

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