As it happens: part 2 designing a zero waste top

Part 2 zero waste top closeup of prototype

It’s week 2 of Making a Zero Waste Top, and to my relief things are coming along nicely. If you missed Part 1 it’s here. With the “exciting” bit done (ie seeing if it’s going to work), it’s time to settle down to some sewing and problem solving, which I enjoy too. During the week…

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As it happens: designing a zero waste top (part 1)

zero waste top toile cut out

Many pattern designers and authors, including moi, like to keep their projects under wraps until it’s ready to show. Often it’s to stop someone pinching their idea before they bring it to fruition, but sometimes it’s because they aren’t sure of the outcome or how long it’s going to take. Over the next several weeks…

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Making origami ribbon trim

origami ribbon trim

While flipping through my sketch book looking for something, I found a page with notes for making a ribbon trim where the ribbon is folded origami-style. I’d folded some paper to work out how to do it. Luckily, I write the source of inspiration on all drawings, and it seems I saw a video of…

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New zero waste pattern: Clair Skirt

Clair skirt zero waste orange cotton drill

Hello All, Introducing my new zero waste pattern: the Clair skirt. This skirt pattern is for sale in my Etsy shop. Please enjoy 25% off for the month of July. The Clair skirt + bag, hat or apron is zero waste; the offcuts from the skirt are used to sew an accessory. It’s an example…

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