Slipper Rescue

Have you ever mended something, and then discovered (to your delight!) that the mended version is far superior to the original? That’s exactly what happened when I repaired my slippers on the weekend. Most people wouldn’t bother repairing slippers, especially an inexpensive pair from Target like these, however there’s now nowhere to buy slippers here.…

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Book recommendation: Mend it, Wear it, Love it!

Mend it, Wear it, Love it! – Stitch your way to a sustainable wardrobe is a new, highly-beginner-friendly “mending + more” book. It’s a nuggetty little hardback book. The author is Zoe Edwards, who will be familiar to those who have participated in Me-Made-May. Zoe blogs at Sozowhatdoyouknow. This is her first book. So…you might…

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Book recommendation: Modern Mending

Modern mending book cover

Mending is trending, but there are better reasons to mend your clothes… Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald’s new book Modern Mending is a comprehensive guide to mending your clothes that combines practical know-how with whimsical creativity. There is a light-hearted, creative vibe flowing through this book; mending can be artistic, stylish, maybe quirky, and add to a garment’s…

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Visible mending workshop: review

visible mending workshop review 1

On the weekend I did a visible mending workshop hosted by Marion library in Adelaide. First was a short book talk on The Dressmaker’s Companion, then we got stuck into visible mending.  You may remember I was making samples for this workshop.  You can also view these on Instagram (you’ll have to scroll down a…

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A small gallery of Visible Mending

Visible mending

Hello Folks, I’ve been preparing some samples for a visible mending workshop in November. While I tend to be a fan of invisible mending (as explored in this post), I do like the combination of embroidery, denim, running stitch and creatively working through the household’s mending pile. The technique is very simple and kinda fun.…

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The Secret Science of Invisible Mending

A wedding at Easter caused me to dig out a little brown suit I hadn’t worn in eleven years.  I last wore it to my brother’s wedding in 2007. I was dismayed to discover, part way there in the car, a moth hole in the sleeve.  Aaaargh!  I tried not to let it distract me…

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