My Wedding Dress

My Wedding Dress detail

It’s my wedding anniversary.  On the weekend I dug out my wedding dress and tried it on.  It still fits but only just. I made this dress.  The fabric is very beautiful; it’s silk with a metallic floral design.  I also made my sister’s dress from a Vogue pattern.         Anniversary Cheers!…

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The Disappointing Trousers

The Disappointing Trousers sketch and swatch

This week I tried out a zero waste trouser draft I came across on Pinterest.  Actually, it wasn’t a draft – more like a sketch of an idea.  (This isn’t the picture I had but it’s very similar.) The problem was, I didn’t realise that these trousers are intended to be baggy.  Really baggy.  They…

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Like or Loathe it: stitching in the ditch

Like or Loathe it stitching in the ditch

Stitching in the ditch is a line of stitching used to hold down a seam onto the fabric behind it.  The stitching is done on the right side of the garment and doesn’t show because it’s hidden in the “ditch” of the seam line. The stitching sinks into the seam and is indiscernible. You might…

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Pattern review: Vogue 2859 top

Pattern Review Vogue 2859 top pattern envelope

Last with the latest.  Vogue 2859 was released at least a decade ago (and I suspect it’s now out of print) but I found an unused copy at the op shop. There are quite a few reviews for this top on Pattern Review.  Some people made it for 1930’s dress-ups and others just wanted to…

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