Our knitted beard collection


Our Australian country town has a penchant for dress-ups.  Are other country towns like this?  Since moving here, I’ve lost count of the number of dress-up theme days, fancy dress birthday parties, parades, concerts, plays and other activities requiring dress-ups.  Not that I’m complaining! In our dress-ups box we have some knitted beards from the…

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Vintage buttonholes


Are you a person who likes sewing buttonholes?  If you do, I bet you have a machine that makes Really Great ones.  If your machine makes so-so buttonholes or you’ve had problems with it, it’s hard to get enthusiastic. My “everyday” sewing machine is a 1964 Singer that doesn’t make buttonholes.  Instead, I select different…

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Celebrating corduroy

Do you love wearing corduroy? I do. It’s a feel-good fabric that oozes comfort, warmth, and happy 1970’s nostalgia. This Friday the 11th is National Corduroy Appreciation Day, as proclaimed by the (currently in recess) National Corduroy Appreciation Club.  The date, 11/11, is the number that most resembles corduroy. Yes, I know what you’re thinking,…

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