Sewing a pork chop

sewing a pork chop

I imagine you’ve heard of a tailor’s ham, the cushion-like pressing tool – maybe you own one or have even made one. But a tailor’s pork chop? It’s a pressing tool I happened across by Daniela of @doctorstitches on Instagram. You can get a copy of the free pattern by joining her facebook group here;…

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The Cendre Top blooper reel

Cendre top blooper reel

It’s not often that I misjudge a fabric/pattern/thread combo, but it happens! Please take a look and enjoy a giggle. How can it look so wrong? On reflection, the babycord looks a little like velvet, the taupe thread looks like old-gold trim and probably the puffed sleeves add to combination. So the message is: match…

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New pattern: the zero waste Cendre Top

Cendre Top zero waste

Hello Everyone, I have a new zero waste pattern: introducing the Cendre Top. It’s in my little Etsy shop now; please enjoy 25% off during November. This pattern comes in 12 sizes, from an 87cm/34″ bust to a 142cm/56″ and can be made in bigger sizes if needed. The pattern pieces are drawn straight onto…

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