Resewn: Shape Shape’s Reversible circle vest

Shape Shape’s Reversible circle vest left me disappointed last week, but even though I was still undecided whether it’s “me” or not, I just had to have another go at it. I really do like the concept of this pattern -a reversible collared vest made from a circle.  So simple to sew and wear. I…

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Shape Shape: Reversible circle vest

The Reversible circle vest from Shape Shape by Natsuno Hiraiwa (2007 Interweave) is an unusual pattern but easy and fast to make; I cut and sewed mine in an evening. It features on the front cover of Shape Shape.               Am I happy with it?  Well, I was kind…

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A good old fashioned Country Show

There are few events, apart from bushfires and clearing sales, that bring country people together so well as a Country Show. I visited our one-day show, and there was lots to see as there is with any show…shearing competitions (as above), animals, farm machinery, all manner of agricultural produce, cake decorating and the hotly-contested fruit…

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Exhibition review The Dressmaker costumes


The costumes from the movie The Dressmaker are on display at the National Trust’s Ayres House in Adelaide, and I visited it last week.     If you’ve seen the movie no doubt you loved the fabulous costumes, and there are more than 50 on show, all thoughtfully displayed.  The exhibition includes a short documentary…

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Like or loathe it: topstitching thread

topstitching thread reels

Topstitching is an great way to emphasise a construction detail, hold seam allowances flat, hold interfacing in position, or to add interest to plain fabric.  It also reinforces seams, and I heard that  topstitched garments require less ironing! I’m a bit of a topstitching evangelist these days -I really love the look of it- but…

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