Making buttons from milk plastic

Buttons from milk plastic

During the week I happened to see a homeschooling family’s experiments making buttons from milk. Since my children are still at home, we gave it a try. It was a big hit! Milk plastic, or casein plastic, is something I’ve vaguely heard of, but it was very common from about 1900 to WW2 and was…

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7 challenges of zero waste patterns

The challenge of zero waste patterns

Zero waste patternmaking is going through a time of experimentation, both with actual patterns and how it can be applied to clothing manufacture. I’ve been experimenting with zero waste patterns for the past 4 years and been challenged, had fun, stretched my brain and found it unexpectedly freeing. Here are some of the discoveries and…

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New zero waste pattern: Lillypilly Dress

zero waste Lillypilly dress short

Hello All, today I’ve released a new zero waste pattern, which I feel very excited about but at the same time a little bit sad. It’s one of the projects I was going to present at a workshop at the Australian Sewing Guild’s convention later this year, which like most gatherings is now cancelled. The…

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Doing Me-Made-May 2020


For the fourth year now, I’m doing Me-Made-May. It’s an annual event which you can read more about here, where you wear your me-made clothes during the month of May, as a way of wearing them more often, or in a different way. It’s meant to be a personal challenge but most importantly it’s meant…

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