Me-Made-May 2017 week 4: The final week

My first ever Me-Made-May is almost over and here’s my final clothing capsule.  It’s a mixture of favourites and barely worn me-mades. Can you guess the favourites?  They are the cord trousers and the floral shirt. I like the navy pinspot shirt but don’t wear it often because it doesn’t go with many things (good…

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Me-Made-May 2017 week 3

Me Made May 2017 week 3

Three weeks finished and only one left!  This week I wore some things that hadn’t seen the light of day in a decade.  I also had a couple of Pajama Days this week (but wore me-made pajamas and dressing gown). Here’s this week’s capsule:   Cheers!

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Me-Made-May 2017 week 2: Getting into it

Me Made May 2017 week 2

It’s now half way through May and suddenly I feel like I’m only a fraction of the way through my potential outfits!  It’s the opposite feeling to having nothing to wear. Read about the first week of Me-Made-May here. This week’s clothing capsule:       Cheers!    

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Me-Made-May 2017 week 1

Me Made May 2017 week 1 clothing capsule

“I, Liz Haywood of sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’17. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made item each day for the duration of May 2017.  I further challenge myself to wear my clothes with imagination and thoughtfulness, and get out of the rut of wearing the same few things all…

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Nailed it! Zero waste trousers with diamond gusset

Zero waste trousers with gusset

After the disappointment with my first attempt, I’ve triumphed!  (Visit my previous post so you know what I’m talking about.)  I had another go this week with this trousers idea, making them roomier.  They now have the perfect degree of pajama pant bagginess. UPDATE 13th March 2020: This pattern now has a new improved gusset…

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