Me-Made-May 2017 week 4: The final week

My first ever Me-Made-May is almost over and here’s my final clothing capsule.  It’s a mixture of favourites and barely worn me-mades.

Can you guess the favourites?  They are the cord trousers and the floral shirt.

I like the navy pinspot shirt but don’t wear it often because it doesn’t go with many things (good with taupe, ok with grey, so-so with red…orange?).

The red vest I also like but hardly ever wear because I’m not keen the buttons -they were more the shop assistant’s style than mine when I bought them.  I want to wear the vest more though, so will try and find some buttons that are more “me”.


Me Made May 2017 week 4 clothing capsule

This week the taupe corduroy trousers reappeared from week 2.  The navy pinspot shirt is drafted from Pattern Magic by Tomoko Nakamichi (page 59: Tying a bow B).  I find that the front knot takes either ten tries to tie, or I get it perfect first go.  The red knitted hat came from Knit One Knit All – Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Garter Stitch Designs.  It’s the hat on the front cover.  Mine is knitted in Bendigo Woollen Mills 12 ply wool.  The centre of the hat refused to block to shape, so I left it – it looks like a gumnut hat but I quite like it that way.



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