Celebrating 23 years!

It’s that time of the year again, where champagne is chilled, heartfelt love notes are written and the wedding gown is given an airing. Yes, it’s wedding anniversary time. Here we were on the big day… My wedding dress, me-made 23 years ago, has been getting alarmingly smaller over the past several years. I’d like…

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The top 6 at 6

This week this blog turns six, which as all maths nerds know is a Perfect Number (the sum of its multiples apart from itself). It’s taken some years to get to the point where I feel comfortable including blogger as part of my “Hi, what do you do?” resume. I’m Liz Haywood, I write a…

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3 places to get design ideas

Sometimes I get asked where I get ideas from. I get great ideas from all sorts of places, but primarily these three… Professional library I’ve been slowly building an at-home professional library for some decades now, and I now that I work at home I find it extremely helpful. Some of the places I’ve worked…

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Internet down

Hi Friends, since Tuesday there’s been an Internet outage here. I’m hurriedly writing this in the library before they close. It’s now Friday afternoon with no news on when things will be back up. If you’ve sent an email, left a comment or a DM, please know I’ll reply when we have the Internet back.…

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Two for Twenty-two

Two for Twenty Two

It’s our 22nd wedding anniversary this week, so I thought I’d try on my me-made wedding dress. I last tried it on in 2017, 2019 and 2020 (take a look at these if you like looking at wedding photos). To be honest, I was doubtful whether the dress would fit this year, but I managed…

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I’m 5, I’m 5, I’m a big girl now I’m 5!

Last week the 5th birthday of the Craft of Clothes blog slipped by (with title apologies to Barbara Streisand). It’s been 5 years, 240 posts, over 1000 comments, 17 free patterns and 35 reviews. I wondered when I started if I’d be stuck for things to write about, but that never happened. I’ve written every…

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Last post for 2020

Hi Everyone, Summer’s started, school’s out and and this blog is taking its annual holiday until January. Thank you All for reading this blog, commenting and sharing. Your comments mean so much to me. Thank you to everyone who has bought my books and patterns – your purchase directly helps support my family and I’m…

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It’s Book Week 2020!

Book Week 2020

This week was Children’s Book Week, which I thought had been cancelled due to you-know-what, but it was merely postponed. The theme this year was Curious Creatures, Wild Minds, and children dress up as a book character they like, or failing that whatever’s handy in the dress-ups box. I do acknowledge that some parents dread…

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Painting meets Sewing

Meg Mader's portrait of Liz Haywood

Have you ever wondered what you would look like if someone painted your portrait? Earlier this year, artist Meg Mader asked if she could paint me for the Clare Portrait Prize in April. I felt extremely humbled and honored! The idea was that it would coincide with Zero Waste Sewing‘s book launch and we would…

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