Zero waste with hand woven fabric

Ashford spiral skirt

Last year I had a very special sewing experience: I got to sew hand woven fabric for the first time. The fabric was woven by Tracy of Knit-Spin-Weave, our local yarn shop. You may remember she made a zero waste bolero in hand woven fabric for the Zero Waste Sewing blog tour. I dropped in…

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I’m 5, I’m 5, I’m a big girl now I’m 5!

Last week the 5th birthday of the Craft of Clothes blog slipped by (with title apologies to Barbara Streisand). It’s been 5 years, 240 posts, over 1000 comments, 17 free patterns and 35 reviews. I wondered when I started if I’d be stuck for things to write about, but that never happened. I’ve written every…

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Making Holly McQuillan’s zero waste spiral trousers

Holly McQuillans spiral trousers

In the world of zero waste pattern cutting, Holly McQuillan’s spiral trousers are considered a must-do/bucket list pattern. These unusual trousers have been on my mind for some time, but I didn’t feel brave enough to try them until I saw Sue Stoney’s blog post on them and saw Holly demonstrate how they’re constructed at…

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New pattern: The Compact Backpack (zero waste)

The Compact Backpack

Hi Everyone, I have a new zero waste pattern: The Compact Backpack. It’s in my little Etsy shop now; please enjoy 25% off during February. The Compact Backpack is compact in two ways: Firstly, the pattern pieces fit exactly into a 105cm/41⅜” x 64cm/25¼” rectangle with zero waste. And, if you make the backpack in…

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Book recommendation: Mend it, Wear it, Love it!

Mend it, Wear it, Love it! – Stitch your way to a sustainable wardrobe is a new, highly-beginner-friendly “mending + more” book. It’s a nuggetty little hardback book. The author is Zoe Edwards, who will be familiar to those who have participated in Me-Made-May. Zoe blogs at Sozowhatdoyouknow. This is her first book. So…you might…

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