One’s own style: lessons from Grace Kelly

Part of every woman’s journey in life is finding her own style of dress, and accepting and becoming comfortable in the body God gave her. Have you taken notice of people who are  always considered well dressed?  They’ve found their own style and stuck to it, even though their field of good “looks” might actually…

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Winter shorts finished

Last week’s winter shorts are finished and ready to go.  In fact, I wore them this morning. It took four fittings and a lot of unpicking to transform them from Danny DeVito sized trousers to Liz Haywood sized shorts.  The drawback to cutting down a large garment into a smaller one is that, in terms…

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Winter shorts – trousers transformation

I dug up an old UFO to finish this week -some trousers I thought I’d turn into winter shorts.  Actually, it isn’t so much an UnFinished Object, more like a project I planned and never started. About four years ago I bought two pairs of men’s suit trousers from the op shop, because the fabric…

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My Father’s shirt

My father's shirt sketch and swatch

During my 1970’s childhood, my Dad had a body shirt in an orangey/yellowy/ browny floral Liberty print.  It was originally a special shirt but became a gardening shirt at the end of its life. It had worn out by the time I was a teenager, and Mum gave it to me and I unpicked it. …

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May 4th: Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day lego

As I idly flipped the calendar over for May, my eyes wandered to May 4th: Star Wars Day.  I’d never heard of it. Was it a day to remember Ronnie Reagan’s “Star Wars” strategic defense initiative, that had me designing nuclear fallout shelters in the covers of my school books back in the 1980’s?  Or…

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