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Hello All, School holidays officially started yesyerday and this blog is now on holidays too. The summer stretches endlessly before us, to be filled with all sorts of wholesome things, such as afternoons at home playing lego, craft, swimming lessons, bike rides, visits to the library, picking fruit, having friends over to play etc.  My…

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I wanna be a cowl girl

Last week’s festive season batik cowl neck dress has been an absolute winner!  I’ve worn it twice already.  Did you like the cowl neck?  It’s a shallow cowl, the sort where you don’t have to press your hand to your chest when bending over to avoid displaying everything. It’s an easy bit of patternmaking if…

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2017 Christmas Dress

That time has swung around again where Christmas plans are underway.  This of course includes thinking about one’s Christmas day outfit.  I didn’t get around to making anything new last year, but thought I might this year. It’s rare that a garment goes perfectly right first go, but that’s what’s happened this week.  I had…

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