New pattern: zero waste bag duo

Hi Everyone, I have a new zero waste pattern. Actually it’s two patterns, both bags. It’s in my Etsy shop now; please enjoy 25% off for the next month. Both patterns are together in the same listing. They’re very suitable for walking, cycling….or making as presents for the walker or cyclist in your life! Both…

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“Let the fabric inform the design direction”

Let the fabric inform the design direction

Let the fabric inform the design direction. What does that really mean, practically? It sounds a little nebulous and mysterious, like a departed guru appearing in a dream and bestowing wisdom in that echo-y voice they use in the movies, something like: You must listen to your inner voice, or Use the Force Luke, or…

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Applique to Zips: The Dressmakers Companion turns 4

The Dressmaker's Companion

The Dressmaker’s Companion has just turned 4 and I thought I would share part of the writing process: the index. I hope that doesn’t sound too dry and ordinary! (You can read my whole publishing story here.) I had always (mistakenly) thought of an index as a kind of expanded table of contents, but it’s…

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Making Mompei trousers

Mompei trousers

Weaver Kaz Madigan of the Curiousweaver studio alerted me to a free pattern on her website for making mompei trousers, a traditional Japanese pattern. The pattern was originally published in Curious Weaver mag 25 years ago and is ideal for narrow widths of handwoven fabric. A Japanese friend said her grandma used to wear them.…

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