Ticking off that bucket list

My sewing bucket list bucket

I don’t know about you, but it inspires me to see things other people are doing while in isolation at home, whether it’s sewing their stash, perfecting bread making, learning an instrument, Marie Kondo-ing their house or setting a new world record for non-stop Netflix viewing. I thought I’d review my sewing bucket list, written…

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Zero Waste Sewing book launch

Liz with Zero Waste Sewing book

During the week we had the book launch for Zero Waste Sewing. We wondered whether we would have to cancel it but Covid-19 has yet to make inroads to our rural South Aussie town. However, it was the very last gathering before Clare library, who hosted the night, suspended their program of events. Just 30-40…

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Yay! It’s publishing day, and blog tour roundup

zero waste sewing book publishing day

Publishing day is finally here for Zero Waste Sewing! A blog tour has been running over the past week, with each reviewer making something from the book. They all made something different, and all of them departed from the instructions at some point to make it their own. This is one of the hopes I…

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The official Zero Waste Sewing blog tour

Blog tour dates

Tomorrow the blog tour for Zero Waste Sewing begins! Each stop on the tour has a review of Zero Waste Sewing and shows a garment from the book made by the reviewer, with their own fabric choice, interpretation and aesthetic. Monday 9th Jane Milburn of Textile Beat Jane is a sustainability consultant, TEDx speaker, upcycler,…

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The zero waste coat that makes me look like a Jedi

zero waste coat with light saber

Yep, it’s funny how an idle comment can change your perception of a garment…. Over the past few weeks I’ve been making some of the clothes from Zero Waste Sewing in different fabrics, and this week I made a coat. Zero Waste Sewing has couple of coat patterns. One of them has a matching dress…

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