Zero Waste Sewing book launch

Liz with Zero Waste Sewing book

During the week we had the book launch for Zero Waste Sewing.

We wondered whether we would have to cancel it but Covid-19 has yet to make inroads to our rural South Aussie town. However, it was the very last gathering before Clare library, who hosted the night, suspended their program of events.

Just 30-40 people came and we all had a jolly, socially distanced, evening. Ideally we would have had champagne on arrival, but instead we had hand sanitizer.

I talked about zero waste patternmaking, textile waste in the fashion industry, how zero waste patterns are made and my own trip down this road.

book talk
Photo: Allen Kelly

After my spiel, seven friends modeled fourteen outfits from the book, to an old-fashioned running commentary by me. Many people commented how different the clothes looked worn in real life rather than a photo.

You can watch the full evening on Clare libary’s facebook page. The fashion parade starts around the 15.45 minute mark.

It was impossible for me to take photos during the evening but here’s a gallery taken from a video my husband took:

Zero Waste Sewing book launch All the models

The models were all very diverse ages, body shapes and heights, and a lot of fun!

I wore the tie-front blouse from the book, made in floral.

So that was last Tuesday – it seems like years ago now. We’re now at home for a while, like so many of you, trying to use the time positively and wishing we’d panic-bought chocolate.

Take care everyone,



  1. Kim on March 23, 2020 at 1:45 am

    You really shouldn’t drink hand sanitizer .
    I’m glad the evening went well, it looks like fun. My book arrived and I’m keen to try a couple of the designs which will work well for the UK summer.

    • lizhaywood on March 23, 2020 at 10:33 am

      It tasted horrible.
      Thanks for getting my book – looking forward to hearing about your adventures with zero waste sewing 🙂

  2. Donna Lister on May 28, 2020 at 6:39 pm

    Glad you managed to launch the book just before everything got locked down! I’ve just ordered it in the UK, can’t wait to try out some patterns x

    • lizhaywood on May 28, 2020 at 7:21 pm

      Yes, I just pipped in! It was a funny sort of time to launch a book – by the end of that week everything was closed. Hope you enjoy the book.

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