Yay! It’s finished! Introducing the Sawyer Hoodie

zero waste Sawyer hoodie

Hey, it’s finally done! A new zero waste pattern. Thanks for reading each week as the project unfolded. The pattern is now in my shop – please enjoy 25% off until the end of September. The Sawyer hoodie comes in 12 sizes, from an 87cm/34″ bust/chest to a 142cm/56″. Making multiple sizes has has been…

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The knit fabric experiment

The zero waste hoodie top pattern is almost here! Are you sick of hearing about it yet?! (No? Last week’s post is here.) The pattern is with the Editor at the moment, getting checked, wormed and vaccinated before it’s released into the world. So this is a short blog post to show you the knit…

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Inside the glamorous world of fashion photography

photo shoot for zero waste hoodie

It’s photography week for the zero waste hoodie top. I find photo shoots lots of fun. Also incredibly tiring as well, probably because I talk non-stop the whole time! There are no modelling agencies out here in rural Australia. Therefore as well as using myself as a model I ask “regular everyday people” to model…

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Making a zero waste top: episode III

zero waste hoodie top

Hi Everyone, welcome to week 3 of this zero waste top project. So far….. Week 1 showed the idea I started from. I made an initial pattern, cut one out and pinned it together. In week 2, I sewed a proper sample, had a think about making multiple sizes and found some fabrics to use.…

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