Two for Twenty-two

Two for Twenty Two

It’s our 22nd wedding anniversary this week, so I thought I’d try on my me-made wedding dress. I last tried it on in 2017, 2019 and 2020 (take a look at these if you like looking at wedding photos). To be honest, I was doubtful whether the dress would fit this year, but I managed…

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I’m doing Me Made May 2021

Me Made May 2021

It isn’t May yet but I’m planning to participate in Me Made May again. It will be my 5th time. Me Made May is an annual event which you can read more about here, where you wear your me-made clothes during the month of May, as a way of wearing them more often, or in…

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Blast from the past: 1991 grad collection

1991 grad parade collection sketches

While digging around in the shed in last month’s cleanup, I found a box containing some of the pieces from my graduation collection from fashion college. I was 18-nearly-19 when I graduated with an “Advanced Certificate in Pattern Technology” and my three-piece collection was called Cycle into Streetwear. The header picture in this blog post…

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Okay, final words on the zero waste undies

Zero waste gusset on undies

Thank you everyone who’s followed and participated in these blog posts on Zero Waste Wardrobe’s free underpants pattern. There were lots of good ideas on leg bands, gussets and bottom cover. The first post on these is here and the second is here. Last week I had the situation of a non-zero waste gusset in…

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