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Zero waste tie front top

zero waste tie front top 2

I’ve been sewing (for me) one of the projects from my forthcoming book Zero Waste Sewing – the tie front top. Here’s what it looks like in the book: And here’s mine: This is the fourth version of this top I’ve made; some of my sewing students have made it too. For this one, I…

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Coming soon: my new book Zero Waste Sewing

Zero waste sewing winking image

Hi Everyone, since mid-last year I’ve been working on a new book and it’s now ready to show you. Zero Waste Sewing is a collection of 16 garments all designed to use 100% of the fabric, with no scraps or waste. If you’re looking for a new sewing adventure, creating a slow wardrobe for yourself…

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Behold my zero waste jeans

zero waste jeans

On the weekend I finished my zero waste jeans, and here they are! Read about my research and the beginning of my quest, cutting out, and the start of sewing them. The sewing turned out to be fairly straight forward, much like sewing ordinary jeans. There were some unusual shapes which were tamed as I…

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Stitchin’ away at those zero waste jeans

Zero waste jeans front knee patches sewn

Work is part way through the zero waste jeans project (last week I cut them out and the week before I did research and procrastinated). I’m happy with how things are going so far and I’m enjoying putting them together. I forgot to buy a zip so I’ve done everything possible before the fly front…

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Zero waste jeans: The Quest continues….

Zero waste jeans The Quest continues on

I’ve just cut out my first pair of zero waste jeans and the pieces are sitting here waiting to be sewn. Read my first post on this here. The jeans have all the details of regular jeans: 5 pockets, fly front, waistband and back yoke. The aim was to make a zero waste layout so…

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Free pattern: 3-gore wrap maxi skirt

Free pattern 3 gore wrap maxi skirt

Welcome! The Craft of Clothes is back from holidays. While on holidays, a reader named Ella commented on my 6-gore wrap skirt post, asking if it could be made as a 3-gore (the wrap skirt is a free pattern on this website). I hadn’t ever considered making it with three gores, but sure! I suddenly…

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How to make zero-waste leggings

Zero waste leggings

Last week’s zero waste leggings are finished and I can happily report success!  In fact, I am very pleased with them. If you feel in the mood to sew something different, you might like to make yourself a pair.  Here’s the draft:     Fabric: The leggings require a stretch fabric that stretches in both…

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The challenge of zero-waste leggings

Zero waste leggings

Is it possible to design leggings that waste no fabric?  I have been turning this idea over in my head for some time; I do love a patternmaking challenge.  Read more about zero waste fashion here. Basic leggings typically only have one pattern piece, which makes zero waste impossible since the piece isn’t square.  The…

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Nailed it! Zero waste trousers with diamond gusset

Zero waste trousers with gusset

After the disappointment with my first attempt, I’ve triumphed!  (Visit my previous post so you know what I’m talking about.)  I had another go this week with this trousers idea, making them roomier.  They now have the perfect degree of pajama pant bagginess.     By all means feel free to adjust the amount of…

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The Disappointing Trousers

The Disappointing Trousers sketch and swatch

This week I tried out a zero waste trouser draft I came across on Pinterest.  Actually, it wasn’t a draft – more like a sketch of an idea.  (This isn’t the picture I had but it’s very similar.) The problem was, I didn’t realise that these trousers are intended to be baggy.  Really baggy.  They…

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