New-ish pattern: zero waste tie front top

The tie front top is one of the most popular patterns in Zero Waste Sewing. It was the first pattern I made for the book; I made all the patterns just over 3 years ago now. The pattern in the book only comes in 5 sizes, to fit a 34″/86cm bust to a 42″/106cm. However,…

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Making Mompei trousers

Mompei trousers

Weaver Kaz Madigan of the Curiousweaver studio alerted me to a free pattern on her website for making mompei trousers, a traditional Japanese pattern. The pattern was originally published in Curious Weaver mag 25 years ago and is ideal for narrow widths of handwoven fabric. A Japanese friend said her grandma used to wear them.…

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As it happens: designing a zero waste top (part 1)

zero waste top toile cut out

Many pattern designers and authors, including moi, like to keep their projects under wraps until it’s ready to show. Often it’s to stop someone pinching their idea before they bring it to fruition, but sometimes it’s because they aren’t sure of the outcome or how long it’s going to take. Over the next several weeks…

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Reflections on Me Made May 2020

Me Made May

Me Made May is over for another year. This was the fourth time I’ve done it and I think it was the hardest. Me Made May is an annual event which you can read more about here, where you wear your me-made clothes during the month of May, as a way of wearing them more…

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New zero waste pattern: Lillypilly Dress

zero waste Lillypilly dress short

Hello All, today I’ve released a new zero waste pattern, which I feel very excited about but at the same time a little bit sad. It’s one of the projects I was going to present at a workshop at the Australian Sewing Guild’s convention later this year, which like most gatherings is now cancelled. The…

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The official Zero Waste Sewing blog tour

Blog tour dates

Tomorrow the blog tour for Zero Waste Sewing begins! Each stop on the tour has a review of Zero Waste Sewing and shows a garment from the book made by the reviewer, with their own fabric choice, interpretation and aesthetic. Monday 9th Jane Milburn of Textile Beat Jane is a sustainability consultant, TEDx speaker, upcycler,…

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The zero waste coat that makes me look like a Jedi

zero waste coat with light saber

Yep, it’s funny how an idle comment can change your perception of a garment…. Over the past few weeks I’ve been making some of the clothes from Zero Waste Sewing in different fabrics, and this week I made a coat. Zero Waste Sewing has couple of coat patterns. One of them has a matching dress…

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The zero waste Hooded Blouson…and the surprise cape

zero waste hooded blouson yellow version 1

The Hooded Blouson from Zero Waste Sewing is another garment created using an exact square of fabric. Here it is in the book: I sort of imagined if I had a dog and lived by the beach, I would wear this top to walk my dog early each morning. Reality: I live inland with chickens.…

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The zero waste Boho Dress

Boho dress

The boho dress from Zero Waste Sewing is a summer holiday sort of dress, for wearing at the beach or pool, sipping white wine at a BBQ, holiday shopping or just wearing on a hot day. It’s fairly quick to sew and pulls on over the head. Easy to wear – just add sandals. Here’s…

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The zero waste Yo-yo Top

Zero Waste Yoyo top in satin closeup

Here’s a project from Zero Waste Sewing which I never thought I’d make for myself. It’s a halter neck top made from a single square of fabric. I included it in Zero Waste Sewing thinking I might have worn this when I was a teenager but probably I wouldn’t now. Here’s what it looks like…

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