Me Made May, 3 days in…

Me Made May 2021

May started 3 days ago and with it my pledge for Me Made May: to wear me-made clothes every day for the month of May, striving for “exciting new combinations and fresh interpretations of well-worn favourites”

As an addendum, I’m aiming to wear me-made both top and bottom, with one of them preferably a zero waste pattern.

Unlike previous times I’ve done Me Made May, this year it’s still dry and the weather’s warm during the day (eg high 20s). Not warm enough for sundresses but enough to regret wearing a long-sleeved spencer.

Day 1 Me Made May 2021
Day 1: seem to be going for an English country vibe here, except that the grass is brown not green!
The trousers were a post-MMM2019 make, the hat is the free pattern on this website, and the shirt is a new pattern I’ve done which will be ready this week – now that I’m finished with the pattern’s photography, the samples are comfortably working their way into my wardrobe.
Day 2 Me Made May 2021
Day 2: another shirt sample, in chambray – this particular one is zero waste although the pattern is low waste.
Worn with the hat from the free pattern, a funny vest I made years ago (30 years ago?) and Holly McQuillan’s zero waste spiral trousers. I’ve worn these trousers LOTS and can’t recommend them enough.
Day 3 Me Made May 2021
Day 3 – today! : chilly early morning fog.
Wore the zero waste coat that makes me look like a Jedi for outside chores until the day warms up. Added the thrice-knitted chunky scarf and some gloves my grandma knitted which I’ve kept mended.


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