Summiting Mt Kiabi

Yay! I finished it! Or rather, them. It’s been a slow but fun process constructing Zero Waste Design Online’s Kiabi windbreaker (read the first post where I started this project). Last week I decided to make two separate windbreakers rather than one double-layer reversible one, and this week I finished them. How much time did…

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Making a zero waste bra

Last week I shared my bra-making exploits which led to trying to make a zero waste bra pattern. The prototype got worn this week. The fit was fine and the pattern works – Yay! There were some problems to report though: I used an elastic that was too rough next to the skin and I…

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New Pattern: the Sandie shirt

Sandie shirt

Finally! Introducing my new pattern, the Sandie shirt. It’s in my shop now; please enjoy 25% off during May. This pattern has taken a long time to develop and write, and it’s the most ambitious one I’ve attempted yet. I’m extremely happy with it – the samples have firmly worked their way into my wardrobe…

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3 makers, 1 pattern: reviewing the Sawyer hoodie

Sawyer Hoodie flat lay

The Sawyer hoodie is a zero waste pattern I released last month after a series of blog posts “show and telling” its development as it unfolded. The final post is here. As a sort of adjunct to this I asked 3 friends who are prolific and adventurous in their sewing to give the pattern a…

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