June, July & August: A Year of Zero Waste Sewing

Hi Everyone,

Almost a year ago, I started a new book project, A Year of Zero Waste Sewing – A year of exploration, making and musings on zero waste patterns and clothes, to be published in instalments as a zine. The first one is complimentary – read about this project and download your free copy here.

June, July and August are now ready and in my shop. They’re $AU5 each (+tax).

Yes, here we are in January and I’m still an astounding 7 months ahead!

Here’s a bit about each one:


In June, read about designing a zero waste hood – I give 8 ideas and a YouTube demo of each.

I also discuss the issue of seam allowances for zero waste patterns.

Read about emroce, the world’s only zero waste swimwear brand.

Ask Lizzy gives suggestions for using too narrow or wide fabric for zero waste patterns, and shares how she (I mean, I) transitioned from being a regular patternmaker to making only zero waste patterns.


July delves into historical zero waste clothes, with tips on how to use an historical zero waste cutting layout.

There’s directions for making a zero waste Eura dress (with a companion YouTube video). The pattern pieces are drawn straight onto the fabric according to your measurements. It has optional pockets & hood.

Read about Process of Sewing, a zero waste sewing pattern brand based in Berlin.

Ask Lizzy considers if there are any fabrics that are difficult to use for zero waste, and heck, why don’t we just use fabric scraps for stuffing?


August is devoted to gussets and how to use them, with some ideas for using them in zero waste clothes (or any clothes, really).

Read about Decode, the world’s first zero waste clothing factory, in Brooklyn NY.

Ask Lizzy questions if zero waste is giving rise to a particular aesthetic, and what kinds of patterns we should be making zero waste.

I’m feeling now like I’m on the downhill ride for this project; there are only 4 more to do!

Many thanks for following along.



  1. Elena on January 31, 2023 at 5:52 pm

    From the point of view of a home sewer, I’d add that scrap fabric is not always a great stuffing, depending on what you’re making.

    It’s pretty heavy and, since at home it’s hard to shred it finely, it also tends to be lumpy.

    I’m quite happy with my tailor’s ham and sausage filled with scraps of fabric (and thread clippings), but when I tried to make a bum pad it was heavy and uncomfortable to wear (my next bum pad was made of scraps of wool, from combing and spinning, and was much better).

    • lizhaywood on January 31, 2023 at 10:07 pm

      They are very good points. You’re right; it does make a heavy, dense stuffing which is excellent for some projects and not for others.

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