Tutorial: how to add a hood inside a collar

Last week I finished sewing the zero waste Kiabi windbreaker, and this week I have a tutorial on how to add a fold-away hood concealed inside the collar. This would work for any anorak/windbreaker that has a stand collar. I’ve distilled the instructions down to one page, with notes and photos to follow: Some notes……

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Tutorial: how to sew on a button FAST

Here’s the fastest way I know to sew on a button by hand. The key is to use four threads instead of two. But how do you thread a needle with four threads without getting in a terrible tangle? Here’s how: With four threads you can sew a two-hole button with three passes through the…

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An un-holey tutorial


Unpicking. We’ve all done it. After you’ve unpicked, sometimes you need to remove the holes and restore the fabric to its pristine state…before sighing deeply and restitching. Here’s a technique from the workrooms of Caroline Charles, which is described in The Dressmaker’s Companion, along with other handy stuff. You’ll need some water and a steam…

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