Tutorial: how to sew on a button FAST

Here’s the fastest way I know to sew on a button by hand.

The key is to use four threads instead of two.

But how do you thread a needle with four threads without getting in a terrible tangle?

Here’s how:

Threading a needle with 4 threads 1
1. Pull a double strand of thread the desired length off the spool.
Threading a needle with 4 threads 2
2. Thread the needle close to the spool with a folded-over loop of the thread.
Threading a needle with 4 threads 3
3. Pull the loop through the eye until you have four strands the same length.

With four threads you can sew a two-hole button with three passes through the holes. A four-hole button can be sewn with 2 passes (for each pair of holes).

Some factories use six threads or even eight threads, to sew a button on in one motion (but I don’t approve!)

Here’s a 3 minute demo, from spool of thread to finished sewn button:


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