Overlocker Woes: The Curse of the Lower Looper

Dear Lizzy, How do I stop that blasted lower looper from coming unthreaded all by itself, especially starting off? Dear Friend, Yes, it happens to me too. Sometimes the thread on the looper jumps out of its hole and keeps on sewing – HOW? I can offer no absolute solution, but here’s a list of…

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Tutorial: how to sew on a button FAST

Here’s the fastest way I know to sew on a button by hand. The key is to use four threads instead of two. But how do you thread a needle with four threads without getting in a terrible tangle? Here’s how: With four threads you can sew a two-hole button with three passes through the…

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Sewing mythbusters: twisting thread

Twisting thread three spools of thread

I’ve just tested a theory I heard of a long time ago and always wondered about.  The theory is: When handsewing, does thread threaded from a spool twist more than if it were threaded from a bobbin?  In other words, does it matter which end is knotted?  Have you ever tried this to see?  I…

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