An un-holey tutorial


Unpicking. We’ve all done it.

After you’ve unpicked, sometimes you need to remove the holes and restore the fabric to its pristine state…before sighing deeply and restitching.

Removing unpicking holes

Here’s a technique from the workrooms of Caroline Charles, which is described in The Dressmaker’s Companion, along with other handy stuff.

You’ll need some water and a steam iron. Dip your thumb into the water and rub the line of the holes with the back of your thumbnail.

Removing unpicking holes add water

Press with steam until it dries.

Removing unpicking holes Iron dry

And that’s it!

Note that the unpicking holes won’t come out as well if you press with steam first.

Check before using this method that it doesn’t watermark the fabric, particularly on silk. If it does, either use a very sparing amount of water only where you need it, or wet the holes with a spray bottle set to mist, quickly rub with your thumbnail, then press. The spray bottle produces a less definite watermark line, but check first.

My whiz kid video editor has made you a little video:


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