New Pattern: Low Waste Bucket Hat and Sunhat

Hello All, I have a new-ish pattern to present to you. The low-waste sunhat, which was available at the Making Zen Online Retreat last month, has had a mini makeover and is now a pdf pattern. It has a bucket hat brim option, a re-edited sew-a-long video, and a little tweak to the instructions for…

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Free pattern: Oven Mitt (minimal waste)

Finally! Allow me to unveil the pattern for the kitchen accessory of the year. Presenting…the minimal waste oven mitt. Streamlined, glamorous, modern and yet functional, it has restored domestic harmony to the Haywood kitchen and could do the same for you. I’ve been using it for the past week and I think I’ve found my…

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Zero Waste Oven Mitts, Episode III

Like a dog after a bone, I just can’t seem to let this challenge go! Episode I: The quest for the perfect oven mitt Episode II: The oven mitt report The story so far… Faced with the prospect of no usable oven mitts in the Haywood kitchen, our hero Liz Haywood embarks on a perilous…

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Sandie goes ultra-rural

Sandie shirt with ruffles and zip

This week I’ve got some fun variations of the Sandie shirt to show you. Sandie is a new minimal waste pattern and it’s in my shop now. Please enjoy 25% off during May. But first, remember last week I told you about the real Sandie? Here’s a photo of her when she was young. I…

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New Pattern: the Sandie shirt

Sandie shirt

Finally! Introducing my new pattern, the Sandie shirt. It’s in my shop now; please enjoy 25% off during May. This pattern has taken a long time to develop and write, and it’s the most ambitious one I’ve attempted yet. I’m extremely happy with it – the samples have firmly worked their way into my wardrobe…

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