That old army coat

Early next year I’m planning to make a zero waste coat. I plan these things ahead: a few zero waste layouts are rolling around in my head, I’ve found/bought fabric for samples (despite the number of sheep here, it’s not easy to buy wool coating in Australia in January) and I’m considering the garment details….and…

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Breezy wrists: revisiting the zero waste Jedi coat

Regular readers of this blog may remember the zero waste coat that looked like a Jedi costume. It was adapted from the tessellated coat + dress from Zero Waste Sewing. Here’s the coat from the book: It was one of those garments which I was very happy with and thought I’d nailed every aspect: pattern,…

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The zero waste coat that makes me look like a Jedi

zero waste coat with light saber

Yep, it’s funny how an idle comment can change your perception of a garment…. Over the past few weeks I’ve been making some of the clothes from Zero Waste Sewing in different fabrics, and this week I made a coat. Zero Waste Sewing has couple of coat patterns. One of them has a matching dress…

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