Hitting the virtual road: the Zero Waste Sewing blog tour

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Happy New Year All! Here’s to a year of creativity, fun and fulfillment.

Coming up in March, Zero Waste Sewing will be available in shops and there’ll be a one-week blog tour leading up to Publishing Day, for your reading pleasure. Each day, Zero Waste Sewing will be reviewed on a different blog.

I thought I would introduce the reviewers to you now; you might find a new blog to follow or article to read.

Jane Milburn of Textile Beat is a sustainability consultant, slow clothing pioneer, TEDx speaker, upcycler, agricultural scientist and a Churchill Fellowship recipient. She is passionate about creating awareness of more sustainable ways of dressing and reducing our material footprint. Also, Jane is a far more adventurous dresser than I am! Some great outfits to be seen here on her instagram.

blog tour Jane Milburn

Taylor McVay is a sewing and fashion educator, fibre artist, activist, sewing pattern designer and slow fashion advocate. Taylor designs patterns inspired by architecture; take a look at the cabin tunic, moderne coat, A-frame skirt, saltbox top and geodesic top. All are thoughtfully designed, everyday wearables. See lots more on her instagram.

blog tour Taylor McVay

Sue Stoney documents her intriguing and interesting sewing adventures on her blog and instagram. Browse the archives and read about her One Year One Outfit challenge, sewing Holly McQuillan’s zero waste spiral trousers, and sewing projects inspired by travel such as the Marimekko dress. Sue’s projects often involve using old fabrics in a new way, unusual construction and the occasional craft.

blog tour Sue Stoney

Tracy Henwood is a fibre artist, teacher and weaver who owns Knit Spin Weave, “inspiring creativity, building community”. It’s the yarn shop you’ll wish was yours! Tracy remarked that being able to weave your own fabric to a custom width is very handy for zero waste pattern cutting (and indeed loom widths were a big influence on traditional clothes) and she brings a weaver’s perspective to it. Her instagram piccys are here.

blog tour Tracy Henwood

Fiona (left) and Jane (right) own The Drapery in Adelaide, possibly the world’s most delightful fabric shop, stocking natural fabrics, independent sewing patterns, high quality notions and (yay!) The Dressmaker’s Companion. Their blog regularly road-tests independent patterns and the samples are in their shop to try on. Their instagram oozes fabric-y goodness.

blog tour The Drapery

The blog tour is kicking off on Sunday March 8th with a post here at The Craft of Clothes. It finishes on Publishing Day, Saturday March 14th with a roundup here.


PS I usually keep this blog for sewing etc, but I can’t not write about the fires. Our thoughts are with those families and communities currently battling the fires devastating this beautiful country. Thank you to kind inquiries of our safety; the fires here have been small ones quickly contained and we haven’t been in the path of big fires, with grateful thanks. Please make a donation of $ to help (to a legit appeal), as well as your thoughts and prayers.


  1. Margaret Ginns on March 24, 2020 at 11:19 pm

    Love that coat.

    • lizhaywood on March 25, 2020 at 6:37 pm

      Cheers! You must make yourself one!

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