2016 The Year That Was

2016 The Year That Was

Welcome to my first post for 2016.  2016 seems a long way off now, but I’m still writing “16” and crossing it out for “17”.

Each year I keep a record of the things I sew.  Do you do this?  Maybe a private Instagram or Pinterest account, a blog, photos tucked away in a folder on your computer, or a journal or sketchbook.  I never used to keep a record, although I photographed special garments.  Some time ago I read that American women in the 1950’s sewed between 21 and 27 garments each per year -mostly dresses.  Wow!  (I thought)  27!  That’s about one item per fortnight!  What a lot it seemed!

The following year, 2014, I determined to tally all the garments I made in the back of my sketchbook, month-by-month.  I did the same for 2015 and 2016.  I was very surprised by the number of things I made.  27?  Pah!  I passed that milestone in April!  I recorded 98, 88 and 96 respectively (maybe this year I’ll make 100).

My mum also records her sewing exploits.  She has a dedicated notebook for the purpose, and records a great deal more detail than me.

Highlights of 2016 included: 6 pairs of the most comfortable knickers I’ve ever worn, Ninja pajamas for my nephews (including swords), dresses for my girls, some fun costumes for Children’s Book Week, and 14 sheep costumes made from old woollen underlays for a Nativity play.

I also shared some of my hits and misses on this blog:


elastic waisted skirt doing a twirl

There was the blue gathered skirt.



Front view of mystery skirt

The Mystery Skirt from “Stylish Skirts”.


Cardigan front view modeled by Liz Haywood

The Japanese Cardigan from “She Wears the Pants”.


finished skirt, front view

The green skirt to go with the Japanese cardigan (but it didn’t really).


Free wrap skirt pattern skirt worn by Liz

The famous wraparound skirt. There’s a free pattern for this.


winter shorts finished -checking longer length

The brown pinstripe winter shorts, cut down from men’s trousers.


Free pattern dress ups cape green cape hood view

A dress-ups cape for an adult or child. There’s a free pattern for this.


Pattern Magic 2 wearing a square

The “Wearing a Square” jacket from Pattern Magic 2.


free pyjama pants pattern

Pyjama pants (or shorts), with a free pattern. These can be zero waste, depending on the size and fabric width.


free childrens shorts pattern front view

The same pyjama pants or shorts pattern for a child.



Loads of things from an old pair of maternity jeans.



Ballerina slippers made from the old jeans, and a free PDF pattern for them.


A reversible vest from Shape Shape.



The everyday corduroy trousers finished off especially for Corduroy Day.


Well, that’s the year in sewing wrapped up.  Until next week,


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