Winter shorts finished

Last week’s winter shorts are finished and ready to go.  In fact, I wore them this morning.

It took four fittings and a lot of unpicking to transform them from Danny DeVito sized trousers to Liz Haywood sized shorts.  The drawback to cutting down a large garment into a smaller one is that, in terms of fitting and proportion, it’s never as good as starting from scratch.  You just have to work with what’s there.  In my case I ended up with real “Harry High Pants” because the crotch was so deep, but no matter -they’re pretty comfortable.

I ummed and ahhed a great deal about the length.  The winter shorts I Googled last week were all short shorts, but there were a few knee length exceptions.


winter shorts finished -checking cuffed length

I had imagined mid-thigh cuffed shorts, like this.


winter shorts finished -checking shorter cuffed length

I tried rolling them up one cuff length shorter to see what they looked like, but decided it wasn’t really me.


winter shorts finished -checking longer length

I actually liked them best as knee length shorts.


winter shorts finished front view

Therefore, I decided to make them knee length for a little while to see if I liked them.


 shorts finished back view

Here’s the ordinary looking back view.


I think I’m going to enjoy wearing these; the fabric is beautiful, the colour goes with nearly everything, and they’ll be brilliant for riding a bike.



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