Free pattern: children’s shorts

free childrens shorts pattern

Hi All,

Last week’s pajama pants pattern draft has been tested on my favourite seven-and-a-half year old with great success!  I made her a pair of shorts in a very brightly printed cotton.  The fit is great and she really likes them.


free childrens shorts pattern front view

free childrens shorts pattern three quarters view

free childrens shorts pattern back view


I followed the same draft with three changes:

  1. The crotch depth (step 3) obviously needs to be shorter than 12″.  Sit your child on a hard chair or table and hold a tape measure at their side.  Measure from their waist to the chair.
    free childrens shorts pattern measuring the U depth

    My girl measured 6″ from waist to chair.

    Add 1.5″ (4cm) and use that as the crotch depth in step 3.  Remember you can always sew it lower, but it’s good to start conservatively because you can’t make it higher.  After a fitting, I lowered the crotch on her shorts by 1″.

  2. The U shaped piece that gets used as pockets was too small to make pockets out of, so I left them off (and finished the shorts quicker!)
  3. I added 5mm to each side seam, to make the shorts a tiny bit bigger.


That’s about it!  I hope the small person in your life enjoys wearing these.  Make pajama pants or three-quarter pants simply by making them longer.



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