The Craft of Clothes Turns One!

The Craft of Clothes turns One!

This month is my blog’s first birthday.  Many thanks if you read regularly or you’ve subscribed.  I hope you’ve found it to be interesting.  Over the past year I’ve blogged weekly (usually on a Monday), and enjoy thinking of things to write about during the week.  It’s a bit like having a personal magazine.

By the way, I apologise for no post last week -our area was without phone or internet for over a week while Telstra laid new cable.

You may be interested to know what my top posts were over the year (I was).

1. By far and away the most viewed, with 29293 views, was the free wrap skirt pattern.  It spread on DIY fashion Pinterest boards and is viewed by at least several people each day.  I wonder how many people (if anyone at all) have made this skirt and worn it? -apart from Julie who left a comment, and me of course.  I wore mine to a birthday on the weekend and received a couple of compliments.  This is a pattern I will re-visit with some variations later in the year, I think.

Free wrap skirt pattern skirt worn by Liz

The wraparound skirt.

2. The second most viewed, with 1489 views, surprised me.  It’s Considering Zero Waste Fashion.

3. The third most viewed, with 902 views, is another free pattern –the pyjama pants (or shorts).  Again, I wonder if anyone has made these?  I’ve been wearing mine lately, and I’m pretty happy with them.


free pyjama pants pattern front view

The pyjama pants.




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