Yarn magazine issue 42: Makin’ it BIG

Yarn magazine issue 42 front cover

Yarn magazine issue 42 has just come out with my article on Knitting Big.  It was a very enjoyable and interesting one to write.

As part of the article, I arm knitted a scarf using 72ply wool from Nundle Mills.


Yarn magazine issue 42 arm knitted scarf

Here’s the scarf from the magazine


I confess I never wore the scarf -it lay draped over the back of the sofa long after I’d photographed it and submitted the article.  It was a long hot summer, but when the weather cooled I found it was quite a heavy object to wear around one’s neck.  I caught my children playing “escape from a desert island”, using it to haul themselves to safety.

Without any regrets (for something that took me less than an hour to make), I decided to unravel it.  The wool is very beautiful but it was expensive and I wanted to use it to make something that would get worn.

Yarn magazine issue 42 wool wound into two balls

I wound the wool back into two balls…


Yarn magazine issue 42 shawl front view

…and knitted it into a triangular-ish shaped shawl using 25mm needles.


Thought a shawl would be useful for wearing over my shoulders at the computer.  The knitted texture is wonderfully deep and cushion-y, and the whole thing is very stretchy.



Yarn magazine issue 42 shawl spread out on ground

The shawl laid out on the concrete. Husband thought it looked like a giant pair of knickers.


Here’s the pattern, fresh from my notebook:

Yarn magazine issue 42 big shawl pattern






  1. Chiggy Schiller on June 11, 2016 at 9:23 am

    Hi Liz,

    You made a wonderful knitted scarf, didn’y you? I am not a knitter but I would love to try arm knitting one day. It looks so warm and super cosy around your neck and especially I love the chunkiness!

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