Xanthea in stripes

Xanthea in stripes worn by Liz

Thank you All, for your positive reception to the zero waste Xanthea t-shirt pattern last week.

Xanthea zero waste t-shirt front and back sketch
The pattern is here, currently with 25% off.

A couple of people asked to see what it looked like in striped fabric.

Xanthea in stripes front
Here’s the front.
Xanthea in stripes back
Here’s the back.
Xanthea in stripes with pocket
I put a zipped pocket in one of the front seams.
Felt that it needed a dash of red (to go with my lippy).

If you’re reading this with a view to making a Xanthea in stripes, here’s some details…

body square in stripes diagram
For the X seam on the body, to make the stripes match in at least one direction, the stripe must be in the same spot on both sides.
Xanthea in stripes centre front
I cut the body square 1cm bigger so that the stripes would match on every seam – I arranged it so the seam parallel to the stripe would land in the centre of a grey stripe. As Xanthea has a loose fit with 20cm/8″ ease, 1cm extra is no big deal.
Tweak to suit your stripes.
Xanthea in stripes sleeve
The stripes on the sleeves naturally match along the raw edge but not the stitching line. Better to match the stripes.
This gives a little step when the seam is sewn, but it’s not a big deal – just trim as shown.
When you sew the following seam to make the parallelogram into a tube, adjust it to suit your stripes – I took a slightly bigger seam allowance so the grey and white stripe sat next to each other.

Here’s an exclusive excerpt from The Dressmaker’s Companion on sewing stripes to match:

How to match stripes 1
Put the right sides together.
Place your thumbnail on the intended stitching line, peel back the seam allowance and align the stripes.
How to match stripes 2
With the stripes matched, put back the seam allowance and place a pin exactly ON the stripe.
Carefully sew the seam over the pin and then remove it.
Do this to every stripe or every second stripe to stop the fabric shifting when you sew it.

There you have it: Xanthea in stripes 🙂


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