What’s that gadget?

Singercraft fringe guide


Singercraft fringe guide full view

Husband brought home a sewing gadget from the op shop (yes, the same shop that had the Lutterloh books).  A Singercraft accessory of some sort, found amongst the zips in the Haberdashery section.  It looked to be a similar vintage to my sewing machine.


Singercraft fringe guide with bag and manual

It was in a bag with a manual.  It’s a gadget for making fringing out of wool, which you could use it to make rugs.


Singercraft fringe guide to use 1

The manual promised no special skills were required and that it was so simple and effective, so I had a go.  I began by winding wool around the guide…


Singercraft fringe guide to use 2

…covering the length of it.


Singercraft fringe guide to use 3

Then I placed the guide with the wool under the foot of my sewing machine to stitch.  If I was making a braid I could stitch it on a length of tape, to sew later onto other fabric.


Singercraft fringe guide to use 5

When I was nearly at the end, I pulled the guide towards me.  There’s a blade (that you can’t see very well) that cuts the loops of wool to form the fringe.  The blade can be removed for loopy braid instead of fringing.


Singercraft fringe guide to use 6

I cut the wool but I could just keep on winding more wool to make a longer braid.


Singercraft fringe guide to use 7

Here’s the very neat result.


Singercraft fringe guide to use 8

The manual advised running a second row of stitching at the top for security.


Singercraft fringe guide to use 9

I made a second row above the first, hiding the stitching.  For a rug, you would make rows and rows of these.


Singercraft fringe guide extension

For longer fringing, a Singercraft extension (sold separately) is used.  Fascinating!



  1. joannmoore on June 13, 2022 at 8:52 pm

    I have one for sale also a 1957 sewing .a home t it’s very clean and sew great selling I need the room

    • lizhaywood on June 14, 2022 at 10:16 am

      Curious: did you ever use it much, Joann?

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