Sleeves, Triangles, and the Arc T-Shirt

Last week’s post had (I thought) satisfied the head-scratching on using triangles as sleeves. But was it “correct”? Here’s a quick re-cap: This is how I thought the sleeves might be formed: Here it is tried in fabric, full-scale. It works OK, although I’m not sure how to control the width of the sleeve for…

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Breezy wrists: revisiting the zero waste Jedi coat

Regular readers of this blog may remember the zero waste coat that looked like a Jedi costume. It was adapted from the tessellated coat + dress from Zero Waste Sewing. Here’s the coat from the book: It was one of those garments which I was very happy with and thought I’d nailed every aspect: pattern,…

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The zero waste Boho Dress

Boho dress

The boho dress from Zero Waste Sewing is a summer holiday sort of dress, for wearing at the beach or pool, sipping white wine at a BBQ, holiday shopping or just wearing on a hot day. It’s fairly quick to sew and pulls on over the head. Easy to wear – just add sandals. Here’s…

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The Aquascutum Suit, Part 2 1/2

The Aquascutum Suit

You can probably tell from the title of this post that I’m not finished with this suit yet.  I’m still not satisfied with the sleeves, however I think I’m nearly there. (Read about how I acquired this suit here, and what I did last week here). An Instagram friend asked me if there was a…

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