Resewn: Shape Shape’s Reversible circle vest

Shape Shape’s Reversible circle vest left me disappointed last week, but even though I was still undecided whether it’s “me” or not, I just had to have another go at it. I really do like the concept of this pattern -a reversible collared vest made from a circle.  So simple to sew and wear. I…

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Shape Shape: Reversible circle vest

The Reversible circle vest from Shape Shape by Natsuno Hiraiwa (2007 Interweave) is an unusual pattern but easy and fast to make; I cut and sewed mine in an evening. It features on the front cover of Shape Shape.               Am I happy with it?  Well, I was kind…

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Pattern Magic 2: wearing a square

Pattern Magic 2 wearing a square

Pattern Magic 2 by Tomoko Nakamichi has been in our bookshelf for some time, but I’ve just made my first garment from it.  Wearing a square is a top made from, not a square, but a rectangle of fabric, with some clever cutting.     If you like sculptural clothes, and quirky, interesting patternmaking, you’ll…

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The Japanese cardigan

Cardigan front view modeled by Liz Haywood

An intriguing construction and silhouette motivated me to make this cardigan from the Japanese pattern book She Wears the Pants by Yuko Takada. The title suggests a book of trouser patterns, but it’s translated from She Wears Mannish Style and features mainly tops and pants with an androgynous “menswear for women” look. I liked the…

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The Mystery Skirt part 3: Revealed

Liz Haywood modeling finished mystery skirt

Hi All, The Mystery Skirt got finished.  You can read how I started it in Part 1 and Part 2. The skirt is from Sato Watanabe’s Stylish Skirts.  Mine has emerged slightly different, but I’m very happy with how it turned out, and the fabric was a dream to sew (although difficult to photograph for…

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The Mystery Skirt Part 2: The Trial of the Toile

back view of mystery skirt fitting

On the weekend I sewed a toile for the “Tweed skirt with panel detail” from Stylish Skirts by Sato Wantanabe.  I wrote about this skirt in my previous post. I was reminded how hard it is to fit oneself.  I was also reminded how unlike this quickly-sewn calico skirt is to the one I’m eventually…

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The Mystery Skirt -part 1

Tweed skirt from Stylish Skirts

I have been reading Stylish Skirts by Sato Wantanbe. Sewbusylizzie reviewed it here I’m rather partial to Japanese pattern books, with their clear visual instructions, occasional quirky designs and forlorn looking models.  Stylish Skirts (which uses dressmakers models instead of the forlorn models) is a little different to other Japanese pattern books in that there’s…

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