Yay! It’s finished! Introducing the Sawyer Hoodie

zero waste Sawyer hoodie

Hey, it’s finally done! A new zero waste pattern. Thanks for reading each week as the project unfolded. The pattern is now in my shop – please enjoy 25% off until the end of September. The Sawyer hoodie comes in 12 sizes, from an 87cm/34″ bust/chest to a 142cm/56″. Making multiple sizes has has been…

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Inside the glamorous world of fashion photography

photo shoot for zero waste hoodie

It’s photography week for the zero waste hoodie top. I find photo shoots lots of fun. Also incredibly tiring as well, probably because I talk non-stop the whole time! There are no modelling agencies out here in rural Australia. Therefore as well as using myself as a model I ask “regular everyday people” to model…

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