Making the Jones Trousers

The Jones trouser pattern is a new zero/minimal waste pattern by Emily Klug of Goldfinch Textile Studios. You may remember last year I successfully made her Simone overalls. The trousers have a high waist with elastic back, inverted box pleats at the front, a slightly dropped crotch and plenty of ease throughout. There is a…

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The Cendre Top blooper reel

Cendre top blooper reel

It’s not often that I misjudge a fabric/pattern/thread combo, but it happens! Please take a look and enjoy a giggle. How can it look so wrong? On reflection, the babycord looks a little like velvet, the taupe thread looks like old-gold trim and probably the puffed sleeves add to combination. So the message is: match…

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Hello! New taupe corduroy trousers

Hello New taupe corduroy trousers closeup of front 2

The departure of my old much-worn taupe corduroy trousers has left a void (see obituary here). Too many smart-casual country looks are going unworn since they retired…it seems that taupe corduroy trousers are needed in my wardrobe. Meanwhile, dormant in my stash, waiting for its moment to shine, was this stretch taupe babycord with a…

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Goodbye, taupe corduroy trousers

Goodbye taupe corduroy trousers

Dear taupe corduroy trousers, I never wanted to hurt your feelings, but this is goodbye. When I wore you in Me-Made-May with that raspberry cotton cardigan, it was for the last time. You have great pockets and a classic leg cut, and we got plenty of compliments together from other corduroy lovers. Your versatile colour…

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Inspiration: Corduroy Day 2017

Corduroy Day 2018

My dad was fond of saying If Fashion and I cross paths, it is Fashion’s good fortune.  And that’s what has happened: corduroy, one of my very favourite fabrics, is in fashion this season.  (Well, for you people in the Northern Hemisphere.  It’s a bit late for us; we’re already thinking of sundresses and tank…

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My ex-favourite skirt just became favourite again

My ex-favourite skirt just became favourite again Cloth Kits red skirt

Some time ago I went through a phase of using cotton fabric for skirt linings.  I made three skirts this way: a dark brown corduroy skirt I wore for Me-Made-May, a long grey wool skirt also worn for Me-Made-May and a red corduroy Clothkits skirt. I thought a cotton lining would make the skirts warmer…

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Celebrating corduroy

Do you love wearing corduroy? I do. It’s a feel-good fabric that oozes comfort, warmth, and happy 1970’s nostalgia. This Friday the 11th is National Corduroy Appreciation Day, as proclaimed by the (currently in recess) National Corduroy Appreciation Club.  The date, 11/11, is the number that most resembles corduroy. Yes, I know what you’re thinking,…

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