Me-Made-May 18: Mid-May Musings

MMM18 Day 11

We are now about halfway through Me-Made-May and I’m feeling more relaxed about it than last year (the first time I did it).

I’ve given an airing to some little-worn garments and put together some new outfits.  Weather-wise, the season finally broke at the beginning of May, bringing an opportunity to get out the warm clothes.  I’m not keen on cold weather, but I love winter clothes, you know, scarves, knitted things, tweed of any kind, boots with tights, skivvies, coats etc.


Me Made May 18 Mid May Musings trousers fabric

I realized I haven’t even started on the “extra” part of my MMM18 pledge, which was to embark on a quest for the perfect trousers.  I had a dig in my fabric storage boxes in the shed for some suitable fabric. I came up with a grey and a taupe stretch woven, a loud check and a navy wool pinstripe. But as regards to the actual pattern, no, I haven’t started yet (but I will!).


In other Me-Made-May thoughts:

  • If there was an economic crisis of any sort, I predict that my collection of clothes could easily last a decade, and even longer if you include my fabric stash.  How about you?


  • Handknitted socks.  I might start wearing handknitted socks again.  I used to wear them all the time (in cold clothing factories) but I stopped seven years ago when we moved to the country.  Suddenly the dozen pairs I owned all need darning and I seemed to need to darn after each wear.  I blame wearing rubber boots.  I couldn’t face all that mending, so I went to Target and bought three pairs of Explorer socks (on sale) and never looked back.  However, I wore a pair of chunky handknitted socks last week that I’d just finished knitting.  They’re made from some very old Jumbuk natural greasy rough wool.  The exterior of the ball was moth eaten but they hadn’t penetrated to the centre of the ball, so I pulled the yarn from the centre.  The socks kept my feet beautifully warm, so now I’m inspired to darn those dozen pairs and wear them again.  I don’t wear rubber boots as much now; I have a pair of gardening clogs for outside wear.

Me Made May 18 Mid May Musings handknitted socks


I’m using Instagram for Me-Made-May this year, which you can view here, but here’s a sample of the month so far:

MMM18 Day 8

Day 8 brought out my tweed coat (Burda pattern, adapted), skinny scarf in Nundle 72ply, and trousers made on Corduroy Day.


MMM18 Day 10

Day 10 featured the same scarf, worn with The Skirt That Goes With Everything and a jumper that took 16 years to make! I spun the wool for it in 2002 when I was learning to spin, and finally knitted it last summer. I had literally only inches of wool leftover. Have been waiting impatiently for cooler weather to wear it.


MMM18 Day 6

Day 6: Last summer’s favourite dress and this hat.


MMM18 Day 9

Day 9: A quick photo while the sewing class has gone to lunch. A me-made vest and one of the few pairs of me-made trousers I own. The trousers were an entry in the Australian Wool Fashion Awards circa 2005 (?), menswear section, and I’ve since altered them to fit me.





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    A good read -thank you.

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      Cheers, Sam!

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