4 Ways to Wear a Petrea Blouse or Dress

Last week I introduced a new pattern, the Petrea blouse and dress. It comes in twenty sizes, to fit an 81cm/32″ bust to a 178cm/70″. The dress is zero waste and the blouse is low waste.

The pattern is in my Etsy shop now – please enjoy 25% off.

Some of the Petrea samples are still hanging around the house, and with Me-Made-May coming up I’ve been giving some thought to ways to “work them into my wardrobe”. Here are some of the ideas I’ve tried:

1. Overalls

Does living in the country make it OK to perpetuate country clothing stereotypes?

A checked Petrea blouse worn with straw hat, overalls – strand of grass in mouth optional. The overalls are actually a pinafore dress, the low waste Smith pinafore.

Liz Haywood wearing pink checked Petrea blouse, Smith denim pinafore dress and straw hat.

2. As a duster or shacket

A dress or blouse worn open over jeans and t-shirt.

I don’t think this is “me” but it looks great on my daughter.

Liz Haywood wearing Petrea dress unbuttoned with white t-shirt and jeans.
Red Petrea blouse worn unbuttoned with grey t-shirt and jeans.

3. With a cardigan or vest

The rounded Peter Pan collar sits beautifully over a cardigan neckline. It would also look good worn under a knitted vest.

I’ve worn this dress/cardigan combo a few times now and like it.

Closeup of Petrea dress in vintage fabric worn with mustard rtw cardigan.

4. With something A-line

An A-line skirt or culottes (such as the zero waste culottes in the photo) extends the silhouette of the blouse, as well as being very comfortable!

Red Petrea blouse worn with blue zero waste culottes.


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