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A pair of bathing beauties

My children have started swimming lessons again, in an indoor heated pool.  After their lesson they get in the car with their towels, then shower and change at home. I had in mind to make them some sort of toweling dressing gown to wear after their swim.  The sewing brief: long, robe-like, hooded, long sleeves,…

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“Flo-Jo of the Pool” cuts a dash at carnival!

Do you remember Florence Joyner?  She was a US athletics star of the 1980’s.  Part of her fame was her long painted fingernails and figure-hugging flamboyant athletics outfits.  She favoured fluro and bright colours, one-legged leggings (ie- one leg bare), big hair, hooded leotards and bold jewellery. It goes without saying that you need to…

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