Nailed it! Zero waste trousers with diamond gusset

Zero waste trousers with gusset

After the disappointment with my first attempt, I’ve triumphed!  (Visit my previous post so you know what I’m talking about.)  I had another go this week with this trousers idea, making them roomier.  They now have the perfect degree of pajama pant bagginess.


Zero waste trousers with gusset pattern

Here’s the zero waste trousers draft complete with sewing instructions.  I didn’t make a pattern for mine; I drew it directly onto the fabric.  I made the back waist 1 1/2″ (4cm) higher on mine.


By all means feel free to adjust the amount of ease to suit yourself.  Note that the crotch depth is dependent on the ankle width and hip circumference; if you change one thing it will change the gusset size (fascinating, isn’t it?).

If the crotch depth is in the wrong place, adjust it from the top by making the waist casing bigger or smaller, or even separate.

This pattern may or may not fit neatly on your fabric depending on the fabric’s width.  If your fabric is a little too wide, you could just take bigger side seams and take advantage of the selvedges for the sides.

Allow bigger side seams if you want the freedom to adjust the amount of ease.


Zero waste trousers with gusset three quarters view

Here’s the three-quarters view where you can see the gusset.


Zero waste trousers with gusset back view

The back is the same as the front.


Zero waste trousers with gusset

The first pair aren’t a complete write off. I’ve been wearing them to bed and they’re comfortable enough. In case you’re interested, these are 6″ less roomier around the hips and 2″ less around the ankle (ie in Step 1, the width is 1/2 hips + 3″ instead of 6″, and in Step 2, the ankle is 7 1/2″ instead of 8 1/2″).


You may also be interested in my other zero waste trousers draft here.  These have wider legs and pockets.





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