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Ruffler Attachment attachment

This week I have been making some aprons with ruffles around the edges.  I had been putting off the job because of all the gathering, but then a saw a ruffler attachment video on facebook.  Wait a minute!  I own a ruffler!  I’ve never used it, but it’s been sitting in the accessory box all…

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Free Pattern: Make a Hat

Are you a hat person?  Have you ever sewn yourself a hat?  It’s been a while since I did a free pattern on this blog, but here is a hat pattern I hope you’ll like. This hat has an oval crown, with side seams on the crown’s side and brim.  It has a slightly deeper…

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Inspiration: Corduroy Day 2018

My dad was fond of saying If Fashion and I cross paths, it is Fashion’s good fortune.  And that’s what has happened: corduroy, one of my very favourite fabrics, is in fashion this season.  (Well, for you people in the Northern Hemisphere.  It’s a bit late for us; we’re already thinking of sundresses and tank…

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